Unique Airbnb stay in a Train Caboose!

Unique Airbnb stay in a Train Caboose!

Why choose a hotel anymore? With a unique airbnb as an option, it makes your vacation that much more memorable. This summer I took a road trip up through Northern California into Oregon and this was the perfect rest stop!

tiny travel chick unique airbnb train caboose

Nestled between Redding and Mt. Shasta, in Dunsmir, California is a unique airbnb called Rail Road Resort Park. Just a few minutes off of Interstate 5, it’s easy to find.

Stay for the night or take a quick look at the train cars!

Take a tour of this Rail Road Resort:

Put this unique airbnb on your roadtrip list…..

With 23 separate train cars to choose from, each one is fully furnished like a hotel but on wheels!

If your a true train lover then your going to want to check out this rare Williamette Steam Locomotive, 1 or 6 remaining. Kids can climb into the cab and live out their childhood dreams…..

tiny travel chick unique airbnb rail road park resort

The motto for this fun getaway is “Eat on a train and sleep in a caboose” which is exactly what you can do! With an onsite restaurant train car and a pool for guests to use, you essentially don’t have to leave!

If your an outdoor enthusiast, checking out Castle Crags State Park should be on your list.

This resort is very close to the Pacific Crest Trail, making it the perfect rest stop for hikers too.

tiny travel chick unique airbnb restaurant

My favorite part of staying in a unique airbnb is all the special touches a host puts into the stay, like customizing their key chains.

Rail Road Park offers a little bit of everything.

RVer’s, and guests with tents can stay on the property too!

Book a night in a train caboose!:

Caboose #1

tiny travel chick unique airbnb caboose #1

Caboose #27

Caboose #2

Caboose #10

Caboose #23

Caboose #25:

Caboose #26

Caboose #28

tiny travel chick unique airbnb dunsmir california

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