Fresno Tiny House Village

Tiny Travel Chick I Went to the Fresno Home Show

Curious about what it might be like to live in a Tiny House? Some of the comments I’ve heard: “I would be claustrophobic in such a small space!”

We Use Less Space Than We Think

Fun fact: the average-sized home typically runs around 2ooo sq ft., yet we end up using about the same amount of space in a typical Tiny House! A study done by The Center on Everyday Lives of Families at UCLA produced an informative visual on a family’s daily traffic pattern within a house. What got my attention about this representation of how much space we actually use, is that it very closely matches the actual space of an average Tiny House. tiny travel chick ucla study Mentally, we think we need all this “space” in our homes, but actually we only use very concentrated areas of our homes. We typically spend most of that time together in common areas as a family. Quite eye-opening! I recommend catching a local home show so you can walk through a Tiny House to check out the space in these adorable little structures.

Tiny House Road Trip

I took a little road trip to Fresno, CA for the annual Spring Home and Garden Show to check out the Tiny House Village. Tiny travel chick 2018Website-slidertinyvillage Tiny Travel Chick I Went to the Fresno Home Show Take a look at my Tiny House discoveries…. Taynr Shipping Container Homes Sacramento recycles shipping containers. This model merged two containers to make a large living and kitchen area, a master bedroom, and second bedroom. tiny travel chick taynr container house tiny travel chick taynr bathroom   Tiny Travel Chick Tayner master bedroom Favorites: double sink and two access doors to the bathroom. The full kitchen and living area felt spacious for 640 sq.ft. The stackable washer/dryer in the master bedroom had a nice sitting area that gave a homey feel vs. a stark utility room. tiny travel chick taynr container house back door tiny travel chick taynr bathroom   Tiny Smart House from Albany, OR, boasts the “Build it Yourself” program, and prides themselves on building custom Tiny Houses. tiny travel chick tiny smart home exterior tiny travel chick tiny smart house interior Favorites: a built in couch with storage underneath. tiny travel chick tiny smart house alicia in door

Fresno Tiny House Builders

California Tiny House: a family-owned builder. In addition to tiny houses, they also do foundations, DIY plans, and give expert advice. tiny travel chick california tiny hous

tiny travel chickcontemprary-california-tiny-house-5

I didn’t get a chance to capture an interior shot in the model on display, but California Tiny House has examples of interiors on their website.

Favorites: sliding barn doors, all-in-one washer/dryer unit, two-burner glass top stove, dark wood shelving/flooring. I really liked the wraparound wood stairs leading to the loft. tiny travel chick california tiny house collage Seabreeze Tiny Homes applies their mobile kitchen-building experience to Tiny Houses. tiny travel chick seabreeze tiny house exterior Favorites: first Tiny House I’ve seen with carpeted king-sized loft and stairs. tiny travel chick seabreeze tiny house I saved the best for last! My first place vote…Oasis Tiny Homes! tiny travel chick oasis tiny house exterio

So Many Tiny House Options

I’ve looked at many sleeping options that builders and DIYers feature in their Tiny Houses: ladders for sleeping lofts, stairs with built-in storage, bottom floor bedrooms, or machines that lower beds from ceilings to floors. But I’m really considering this for my Tiny House…A Murphy bed in the living space that started as a couch with removable cushions and then lowered to make the bed!tiny travel chick oasis tiny house bed closed tiny travel chick oasis tiny house bed open Plenty of space in the kitchen to eat, cook and move around… tiny travel chick oasis tiny house

All Things Tiny!

Attendees could donate peanut butter, ziplock bags and salt to Fresno’s St. Francis Homeless Project. These ingredients were made into yummy dog treats that were given out for a small donation. It was a great feeling knowing my donation went to great causes! tiny travel chick st. <a href=

Tiny Dogs

There were lots of tiny dogs at this adorable pet costume show.tiny travel chick tiny dog show   This tiny cutie, Pluto, was up for adoption as well…. tiny travel chick tiny dog adopt

Tiny Plants

Other tiny discoveries that I can’t resist sharing were the tiniest of the beautiful displays of Bonsai trees put on by The Fresno Bonsai Society. tiny travel chick tiny bonsai tiny travel chick bonsai society   There was the 12th annual miniature landscape competition. I wonder why this was my favorite????? tiny travel chick miniature landscapes Succulent Gardens offered tiny succulents for sale, a great drought resistant option in gardening… tiny travel chick tiny succulents

Tiny Food Trucks

I also have a bit of a love for the Gourmet Food Truck scene as well. tiny travel chick food trucks fresno I found this amazing food truck CASA de TAMALES that offered Plant-based options! Couldn’t resist a scoop each of Ampersand Ice Cream’s Honeycomb and Whiskey Caramel ice cream. tiny travel chick ice cream truck Makes me remember a great little chant my Grandpa from Chile would always say when it was time for ice cream.

tiny travel chick ice cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

Local Tiny Vendors

Here are some local small business owners selling great products and stories! Two English Ladies tiny travel chick two english ladies Hinkle’s Honey tiny travel chick hinkle's honey tiny travel chick bee pollen   Rosenthal Olive Orchard tiny travel chick garlic olive oil Raphio Chocolate tiny travel chick chocolate   Two Cities Coffee Roasters tiny travel chick two cities coffee tiny travel chick giving back After a long day of Tiny House touring I think I may have found the perfect Tiny House! tiny travel chick my new house I hope you enjoyed my Tiny discoveries from the Fresno Home and Garden Show! In May and September 2018, I will feature the Tiny House Village at the Auburn Home Show.


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